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I am a fitness coach and have been devoted to fitness for more than two decades, incorporating a cross training mentality to my life.


    • Strength Training
    • Corrective Posture
    • Core Conditioning Specialist
    • Low Back Pain Specialist
    • Yamuna Body Rolling® and Foot Fitness®

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I typically conduct hour long fitness sessions at DIAKADI, on Division Street between 10th and Brannan Streets, or at Fitness Urbano, near 17th and Missouri Streets, San Francisco. Each session will be customized to your unique needs and postural considerations.

Fitness discussions will always involve a holistic whole body approach looking at diet, stress levels, breath, as well as self image.


    • Personal Trainer, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM),
    • Exercise Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, certified by the CHEK Institute,
    • Body Rolling and Foot Fitness Practitioner, certified by Yamuna USA,
    • Advanced Yoga Practitioner, certified by the California Yoga Company.

There is no better time to take care of yourself and treat yourself right! I welcome questions and am happy to talk to you.

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I invite you to learn more about me.

I accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).

“Training with Bill does it for me. I get bored in a gym easily. To stay in shape I’m used to changing things around in terms of how I exercise. With Bill I reached a new level. It’s no longer about getting stronger, faster, more flexible, and agile. It’s about getting full awareness and conscious control of my body for the life I want to enjoy. And, yeah, I get pretty strong and flexible in the process, which I, too, enjoy.” – Alexey

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