Yamuna Body Rolling and Foot Fitness

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Combining the modalities of yoga, fitness and massage, I have been trained and certified in a variety of self-bodyworking methods, including Yamuna Body Rolling® and Yamuna Foot Fitness®, offering me a system for self-healing.

With Body Rolling, in as little as 10 minutes a day you can make a difference. Experience noticeable changes in just 2 weeks of regular body rolling. Get more in touch with your body immediately! Read more about Body Rolling here.

Foot Fitness will help strengthen your arches, improve your circulation and help you move more freely, restoring your flexibility and mobility. Your feet will love you! Foot Fitness can help prevent or alleviate common foot problems such as plantar fascitis, Morton’s neuroma, flat feet, fallen arches, bunions, and hammer toes. 5-10 minutes a day and you will notice improvements very soon! Read more about Foot Fitness here

These systems allows me to really be in touch with my body, creating space to free up blockages and limitations. I incorporate all of these principles of basic core conditioning to maintain proper posture, prevent injuries and provide for optimal physical performance. Fitness discussions will always involve a holistic whole body approach looking at diet, stress levels, breath, as well as self image. Yamuna private sessions can be done at my studio, near 8th and Mission Streets in San Francisco, at DIAKADI, on Division Street between 10th and Brannan Streets, at Fitness Urbano, near 17th and Missouri Streets, San Francisco, or at your location.

There is no better time to take care of yourself and treat yourself right! I welcome questions and am happy to talk to you.

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“Bill provides detailed and thorough explanations during body rolling sessions. He makes sure that we are rolling properly so that we greatly benefit. Love his sessions.” – Ibby

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