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I teach primarily two forms of hatha yoga: Hot Yoga and Yin Yoga.

  • Hot Yoga – The advanced sequence that I follow contains 84 asanas (poses). It is typically practiced in a heated room.
  • “Yintuition”- My form of Yin Yoga practice, adding the meditative energetic influences of Qi Gong to my understanding of the myofascial body lines. Asanas are held longer, focusing mostly on the area from the knees to the ribs, yet the energy flow and benefits will be felt from head to toe.

Yoga sessions can be done at my studio, near 8th and Mission Streets in San Francisco, at DIAKADI, on Division Street between 10th and Brannan Streets, at Fitness Urbano, near 17th and Missouri Streets, San Francisco, or at your location.

There is no better time to take care of yourself and treat yourself right! I welcome questions and am happy to talk to you.

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If Bill isn’t regarded as one of the best yoga teachers out there, I don’t know who is. I am so grateful to have Bill as my yoga teacher!! Keep the HOPE going!!! :)” – Chika

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